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American Flag, Outdoor, Nylon, Grommets

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Designed specifically for active outdoor use, this SolarMax nylon American Flag has deeper, brighter colors, and better wash-fastness and light-fastness than other nylons of similar fabric construction, with tremendous strength retention under UV exposure.


Light-Fastness: High resistance to UV fading.
Wet-Fastness: Increased overall performance.
Strength: World-class tensile and tear strength.


Stripes: Lock-stitched sewn, with reinforced fly end stitching.
Stars: Embroidered (up through 10' x 15') or opaque nylon appliqued with zig-zig stitching (10' x 19' and larger).
Headers: Heavy-duty, bright white cotton polyester blend army duck cloth.
Grommets: Solid brass. (8' x 12' and larger include a heavy-duty plastic reinforcement)
Rope Thimble: (On 8' x 12' and larger) #10 white nylon rope is sewn into the header. Galvanized thimbles are attached using a triple crimped rope sleeve. The entire length of the rope is sewn into the header to stabilize its position preventing bunching of the header.
Corner Patches: (10' x 15' and larger) 2-ply corner patches are sewn into each header corner.